10 Jul 2017

Effective cleaning of vinyl and carpeted floors

Vinyl floors

Vinyl floors are subject to scuff marks and scratches. Without the proper treatment these floors will continue to deteriorate and can create a negative impression of your premises for visitors, potential clients and employees.

Vinyl floor restoration is a technical process that combines intensive cleaning to remove scuff marks, followed by the application of several coats of special polish. If done correctly, it will leave your floors looking as new after buffing. A regular buffing program will help maintain your floor’s shiny appearance.


Carpeted floors

Traditional vacuum cleaning alone will not clean your carpeted areas thoroughly. One alternative is to use a hot water extraction process. This method involves specialised equipment that applies water and selected cleaning agents at 100 deg C to your carpets and then extracts 95% of the moisture, along with the dirt and grime. This leaves your carpets looking fresh and clean. Another benefit of this method is that the carpet can be walked on within a few hours after treatment.