17 Jul 2017

What can you expect from your Body Corporate cleaning and maintenance?

If you are looking for a commercial cleaning contractor to provide cleaning and maintenance for your body corporate, then please consider the following items as things you may wish to include in the integrated service: 

  • Common area Cleaning
  • Periodical window wash down
  • Periodical carpet cleaning
  • Rubbish room and Wheelie bin cleaning and disinfection
  • Graffiti Removal Rubbish room and Wheelie bin cleaning and disinfection
  • Emergency Cleaning
  • Bin Management
  • Globe Replacement
  • Reporting of Faults to the Body Corporate Manager
  • Pest Control
  • Minor Building repairs
  • Security
  • Contractor management to the building
  • Periodical reporting to the committee about the status of the building

A professional commercial cleaning contractor should be able to provide all of the above on a regular basis and provide you with a single point of contact for any issues that may arise.