03 Jul 2017

What to consider when seeking a medical cleaning company

The careful selection of a commercial cleaning contractor to provide medical premises cleaning is very important due to the inherent risks of cross-contamination and lack of infection control if the service is performed without due consideration.

Some of the factors that should be addressed before selection are as follows:

  • Does the contractor have an established track record in medical cleaning?
  • Does the contractor assign the same cleaners to specific sites and monitor their work?
  • Does the contractor offer simple, effective lines of communication?
  • Does the contractor utilise processes designed to minimise the risk of cross-contamination?
  • Does the contractor use equipment that will assist infection control?
  • Does the contractor seek regular feedback on the quality of its medical cleaning?
  • Does the contractor prepare a detailed specification for each site?
  • Does the contractor have certification to audit medical cleaning?

The answers to each of these should be, “Yes.”