Vinyl Floors

Vinyl Floors

We can strip and reseal your vinyl floor and restore it back to its original condition. The technique we use involves quality equipment and quality chemicals, that removes all dirt, dust and scuff marks from the floor.

Once the floor is fully stripped and cleaned we leave the floor to dry completely.

When the floor is fully dry we apply sealer/ polish that results in enhancing your vinyl floor’s cleanliness and shine.

Most vinyl strip and reseal is done after hours to minimise the disturbance to your business.

Currently we provide ongoing programmed services to BP Australia - Fuel stations and convenience stores around Melbourne and Adelaide; Kindergartens; Primary schools; and supermarkets.

It is recommended that a commercial vinyl floor should be stripped and resealed every 6 months to retain the shine of the floor.

To give you peace of mind, once you start using our service we will provide you with friendly reminders about the next scheduled service. Additionally, we can maintain the shine by providing regular clean and buffing programs.



Amicable and prompt commercial cleaning service

One of the major strengths of Blue sky commercial Cleaning is that any issues or problems are resolved amicably and promptly, making them very easy to deal with. This is because they are professional and make themselves very approachable. They provide us with a daily cleaning service for a very large public area so we need things to be perfect.

Professional and hard working cleaning service

The staff are professional, well presented, punctual and hard working. They are able to identify where cleaning needs to be done, and they ensure there is no disruption to business as they work within our operation. We require them to clean for us 7 days a week and their management gave us excellent presentation of their quote which was priced very competitively.

Best commercial cleaning provider in melbourne

I think blue sky commercial cleaning provides fantastic service. They deal with any form of issue very well. They follow-up within an hour and we use a communication book if we have any comments or requests to make regarding the service. I have dealt with number of cleaning services in the past and they had poor standards of communication and general cleaning when compared to blue sky cleaning service.

Our Clients

Our Clients

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